I have a new release (or a re-release!) out this week! It’s available at All Romance Ebooks today and will be up at Amazon in the next few days, followed by the rest of the online sellers over the next few weeks. Marked was originally part of the Spaceport series at Changeling Press and I had fun reworking the story to make it stand alone in a new world. I’ve even got a few ideas for a sequel!


Chetan Mani’kalyana has managed to get himself on the wrong side of the law and he needs help. Only, the people who run this city don’t normally associate with his kind.

Councilor Ainsley Porter is in a rough spot. He’s eager to prove his worth in a long line of political ancestors, but his first assignment has brought death threats, alien warriors, and now an alien prostitute.

Dinesh D’Ahnanjay Girisha has been forced to come to a backwater planet full of undesirables, lifesworn to protect a gorgeous uptight councilor, and drawn to a sultry, intriguing whore who falls into his lap. Men may be after both Chetan and Ainsley, but no one touches what belongs to Dinesh.

Three very different men are about to find out if they can work together outside of the bedroom.

*This story has been previously published. It has been extensively revised and expanded.*

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Excerpt can be found here:


Hedgehog’s Delight

Coming August 29th!

Wolf Creek 3: Hedgehog’s Delight

hedgehogdelightcropRick Black has been putting off the inevitable for weeks ever since he smelled his mate in a local coffee shop. He’s been waiting for the right moment, but everywhere he turns the little hedgehog shows up, and Rick is past ready to lay a claim on his prickly mate.

Ethan Abbott is on the run from an ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to catch a hint. So, when he’s informed he’s the mate of a big, bad werewolf with Alpha issues, he’s not sure he’s ready. He sure is looking forward to the adventure, though.



Rick was going to kill the kid if he didn’t stop shaking his ass like it was for sale.

One of Rick’s brothers started to move in. Rick growled subvocally and sensibly, Ben decided he had better things to do and made a beeline for the bar instead. Rick grinned. Yeah, he still had it sometimes. He returned his gaze to the kid on the dance floor. The little bastard moved like a porn star, hips moving to the beat and grinding against anyone who got too close. On a night like this, that was a whole hell of a lot of people.

Rick had had his eye on the little one for a few weeks now. He wasn’t sure why he was still waiting to approach the kid, but that right there might be a good enough reason. He was barely out of diapers compared to Rick. Legal sure, or he wouldn’t be in this place. Wolf Creek Bar and Grill had a reputation to uphold and there was no way in hell Rick was going to let some underage kid in to ruin things for his family.

But the kid was still young, even if he was over nineteen. Didn’t stop him from being just about the hottest thing Rick had ever seen. His lithe body was muscled enough to make things interesting, and his face could make angels weep. Or maybe it was just Rick. Regardless, the pink, pouty lips combined with a dark gaze was really working. Rick had never seen the kid without a hat, so he wasn’t sure about the hair color, but his eyebrows were a neutral brown, so that gave him a bit of a clue.

Right now his lean frame was clad in a pair of skintight jeans with a black tank and a cowboy hat to finish things off. His feet were encased in cowboy boots, which made Rick wonder where the kid was from. He looked a little too country to be from the Island originally, but then again, there weren’t too many people in this room that were originally from Vancouver Island anyway. Campbell River, British Columbia, seemed to draw in a mix of locals and outsiders, thanks to the various businesses that made their home here. Plus, they got a bunch of retirees the same as most of the other small communities along the edge of the Island.

“If you’re so caught up in him, why don’t you just make a move?”

His brother, Ben, had finally made his way over to Rick where he stood behind the bar.

Rick raised a brow and turned his attention to the wineglass he was polishing.

“Come on, Rick. Half the folks in here are terrified to approach the kid because you glare and threaten them, and the other half can’t tell that you’re a threat and are going to move in on the kid before you can make a move yourself. What’s the deal?”

“There’s no deal.”

“Do you know who he is?”

He let out a trickling growl, just enough to have the people around him backing up a few paces and Ben deciding once again that he needed to be somewhere else. Rick knew he should feel bad for making his brother run off like that, but he couldn’t find it in him. The alpha wolf inside him was just too wound up.

Yes, he knew exactly who the kid was. Well, he knew who the kid was to him. He didn’t know the little details like his name, age, occupation, or family status… But he could smell mate on the kid from the moment he’d first met him. In a Tim Horton’s of all places. His mother would about die at the lack of romance.


Auction Basket

We’re coming up to the beginning of May and the start of Brenda Novak’s diabetes auction! I’ve donated a gift basket full of my favourite things this year and it’s only available for a single day! Mark May 5th on your calendars!


imageBasket contents: The winner of this auction will receive a gift basket from author Jade Buchanan that includes her HORSFALL anthology (trade paperback) plus books from some of her favorite authors:

Trade Paperback Of HELL’S END by Ally Blue
Paperback Of MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS by Vivi Anna
All four (4) paperbacks in the COFFEE CREEK Series by CJ Carmichael
Three (3) trade paperbacks by Lauren Jameson including BREATHE, BLUSH and SURRENDER TO TEMPTATION

Plus, items from a few of Jade’s favorite places to shop, including:

Arbonne lotion
Bath and Body Works lotion
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Rocky Mountain Soap bath salts
Penrose Press wax melts
JewelMint bracelet
Julep nail polish
Amy Brown notecards
Duirwaigh Gallery notecards
Hooray for the Underdog! Notecards

The basket will also include more jewelry, journals, geekery, chocolate and anything else Jade decides to put in!


The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

hedgehogdelightcrop There’s this cool blog hop dubbed the Next Big Thing, in which an author answers ten questions about their book — either a work in progress or an upcoming release — and tags five other authors who talk about their own books the next week, link back to the author who tagged them and tag five new authors. And so it goes, unto the end of days, presumably. Pretty awesome, in the full and actual meaning of the word. Also in the more modern sense, because hey, new book discoveries, right? Who knows what might end up being the next Harry Potter-style hit? Thus the hop’s name. I was tagged by one of my besties who just happens to be one of my favorite authors, Miss Ally Blue, the Popess of Angst, who blogged about her wonderful novel, Hell’s End. So, now it’s my turn? Lets see what I can do!1: What is the working title of your book?

Hedgehog’s Delight. Well, technically, Wolf Creek 3: Hedgehog’s Delight.

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?

It came from the weird, wacky headspace that is my brain. How else can I explain a hedgehog shifter mating with a werewolf? No, actually, as most of my stories these days it was a dare. I had made a throwaway comment in Wolf Creek 2: Duck Fart after my human met a duck shifter about “what’s next? A hedgehog?” One of my crit partners read it and said “so, when’s the hedgehog getting his story?” They know me so well!

3: What genre does your book fall under?

Let’s call it paranormal romance

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I can never imagine characters for my books. I have the hardest time imagining it, and it doesn’t help that my hedgehog makes things difficult anyway with his hedghoggy hair and whatnot. Hmmm…. If I absolutely had to choose two actors, lets say that my werewolf bartender Rick could be played by a shaggy-haired Sean Bean. He’s tough, rugged and can pull off slightly menacing and loveable goofball at the same time. For the hedgehog shifter, Ethan, I’m going to pick Daniel Radcliffe. He’s short, cute and hopelessly endearing. I just want to pinch his cheeks, but he also has a serious, quiet side.

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Trouble abounds when an Alpha werewolf finds himself mated to a prickly little hedgehog with attitude.

6: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

This one will be self-published and I have the best cover for it from the wonderful PL Nunn!

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Well, I’m not technically finished yet! But, considering it is a shorter novella, it’s been less than a month if you count actual writing time.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Well, it’s definitely like the first two Wolf Creek books. Does that count? Lol!

9: Who or What inspired you to write this book?

My crit partners for sure, but also all the wonderful readers who have responded so positively to the first two Wolf Creek books. How could I not write another?

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Hedgehog. Shapeshifter. With real spines instead of hair. What else do I really have to say? Lol! Anyone who’s read me before knows that there will be humor and weirdness abounding inside this one. Plus, a few scenes of hot, sexy goodness.

And that’s my book! I’m having a blast writing it, and hope readers like it just as much as I do!


New Release! Broken Boughs

imageBroken Boughs is now available!

There’s only one thing Neil Brogan wants for Christmas, and that’s for his lover, Jonah Chevalier, to accept his proposal. They’ve been together for over a year, and Neil wants to make this a night to remember. Will Jonah accept and make an honest man out of Neil? Or will his carefully crafted night go to the dogs when their puppy interferes with his romantic setting?


New Release! Pandamonium!

Pandamonium, book 4 in the Northern Bears series is now available at Changeling Press! Woohoo!

In the continuing saga of Bear With Me… Nuka Kisoun has been looking forward to his holiday in China for months. Two weeks as the fourth wheel for his cousin Theo and Theo’s two mates may not sound like an adventure, but he’s game for anything. Only his relaxing vacation turns into pandemonium when Nuka discovers their sweet little tour guide is his mate. It’s every man for himself when panda shifter Jackie Yu meets a big, bad polar bear who plays for keeps.


The lobby was pretty nice, decorated mostly in white with an oak bar off to the right where a few tables had been set up for bar patrons. Pale peach accents had been thrown up here and there, and he wished he could tell who the portraits were of, but he hadn’t brushed up on his history or his Mandarin before coming, so it was a nice mystery. There was no way he could read the little brass plates set to the side of each portrait. He did recognize the picture of Mao Zedong, though. That one was easy.

The main doors to the outside had been propped open, and a whole slew of scents was coming in, blocking his senses again. He inhaled, bringing in the spicy smell of food cooking somewhere, mixed in with exhaust and a variety of perfumes.

“Big Sky Adventures?”

Nuka startled at the interruption. He hadn’t heard anyone approach. He turned at the melodic voice to spy an adorable man at his side. He stifled a growl of appreciation, figuring the newcomer wouldn’t appreciate it.

“I’m Jackie. I’m your guide.”

Well, shit, this may or may not be a good thing. Jackie was fucking cute. Short and compact, with a lithe build and a short haircut, he was definitely nice to look at. He was sporting a pair of khaki shorts with runners and a white tee with the Big Sky Adventures logo on the front. A backpack slung over one shoulder completed his look.

“I’m Nuka,” he finally responded, extending his hand.

The feel of Jackie’s palm in his own had him stifling other things. Shit, this wasn’t good. Everything in him was pinging in delight at Jackie. He was hitting every one of Nuka’s turn-ons.

Perving on their guide might not be the best way to start this trip, especially since Theo had always accused Nuka of having a faulty gaydar. He just could never tell unless someone was obviously coming on to him. He blamed it on the slim pickings he experienced back home…


One Cent Title!

Pridelands 1: Darren’s Surprise is available at Changeling Press for $0.01!! Get it while it’s hot!! One cent? How can you go wrong with that? LOL!

The Pridelands 1: Darren’s Surprise

Durai Steinsson has come to claim his mate. He won’t let anything get in his way. Not even Darren.


Pandamonium Cover!

I just got my cover for Pandamonium and I’m pretty excited! The cover artist was having a hard time finding just the right panda photo to go with the guy so I offered some of my own pictures from when I was in China at the Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu. So, my own photo is on my cover! How cool is that?!?


Nuka Kisoun has been looking forward to his holiday in China for months. Two weeks as the fourth wheel for his cousin, Theo, and Theo’s two mates, may not sound like an adventure, but he’s game for anything. Only, his relaxing vacation turns into pandemonium when Nuka discovers their sweet, little tour guide is his mate. It’s every man for himself when panda shifter Jackie Yu meets a big, bad polar bear who plays for keeps.

Coming in late November from Changeling Press!