I have a new release (or a re-release!) out this week! It’s available at All Romance Ebooks today and will be up at Amazon in the next few days, followed by the rest of the online sellers over the next few weeks. Marked was originally part of the Spaceport series at Changeling Press and I had fun reworking the story to make it stand alone in a new world. I’ve even got a few ideas for a sequel!


Chetan Mani’kalyana has managed to get himself on the wrong side of the law and he needs help. Only, the people who run this city don’t normally associate with his kind.

Councilor Ainsley Porter is in a rough spot. He’s eager to prove his worth in a long line of political ancestors, but his first assignment has brought death threats, alien warriors, and now an alien prostitute.

Dinesh D’Ahnanjay Girisha has been forced to come to a backwater planet full of undesirables, lifesworn to protect a gorgeous uptight councilor, and drawn to a sultry, intriguing whore who falls into his lap. Men may be after both Chetan and Ainsley, but no one touches what belongs to Dinesh.

Three very different men are about to find out if they can work together outside of the bedroom.

*This story has been previously published. It has been extensively revised and expanded.*

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