The Felidae


The Felidae Collection

One book, six stories. The complete Felidae series available in collection format.


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Here are the individual stories you’ll find inside!

The Felidae 1: Laithe’s Pride

Rowan Brandt needs a life… Rowan is a plain Jane and she’s tired of drawing the short stick when it comes to luck and love. She needs a change of pace, but she definitely isn’t expecting a seven-foot tall, fur-covered man to walk into her life. Not only does he get hair on everything, he also informs her that he will be sharing her with his pride.

Laithe Gatti needs a mate… With males outnumbering females 10 to 1, his odds are poor that he will find her among his people, the Felidae. His pride is depending upon him to find the one woman that completes them, and the seven men are more than ready to make a few changes among the status quo… particularly when it comes to the sleeping arrangements among them.

And then there’s Fahd… Fahd has been trying to change his position in the pride for years. He has always been in love with his pride leader, but Laithe’s position and Fahd’s temperament ensured they could never be together.

Will the addition of the lovely Rowan change that, especially when she makes it clear that she is more than interested in having them both?

The Felidae 2: Asad’s Mate

Asad Gatti knows what he wants. Asad has lusted after Catan ever since the pride rescued the little Lynx from a brutal attack, but he is afraid his desire for him will push Catan into running from him.  Yet, he wants Catan as his mate.

Catan Lynxis is afraid of what he wants. Catan’s dreams are filled with terror. He can’t rid himself of the overwhelming fear he has for the men who attacked him and his family. The only man he has ever wanted is Asad, but he isn’t sure if he can ever be what the big Leo needs.

When Catan is captured by the same men who brutalized him once before, with the help of his pride, Asad must do everything he can to save him. Can Asad and Catan ever have a future together when their love is haunted with fear from the past?

The Felidae 3: Usama’s Journey

Usama Gatti has always known who he is. The youngest Gatti brother was born the only white Leo in his pride. He can’t be a hunter, he can’t be a pride leader. He can’t be anything but what he’s always been… weaker than those around him.

Usama has just found the one thing that will make him strong — his love for Rajiv.

Rajiv Citrakaya has always known who he is. Born into the Tigris, he is fierce, territorial… deadly. He was born knowing that he’s stronger than others. Because of that, he doesn’t fight, doesn’t get involved in the politics around him. It’s too dangerous.

Rajiv has just found the one thing that will make him fight — his love for Usama.

The Felidae 4: Lev’s Discovery

Lev Gatti has been with his lover, Morgan, for years. He is deeply in love with him, but for the past few months Lev has been having erotically charged dreams about another man, a human — one that he’s never met.

Morgan Laren has been with the Gatti brothers since he was a cub. From his first taste of the carefree, fun-loving Lev, he’s wanted to be with him. He doesn’t know if that’s possible anymore — how can he fight against a mate bond?

Aaron Coleman has just been thrust into a world he didn’t know existed. He’s being forced to adapt and find a way to live among alien beings so different from him. Yet, despite his own serious misgivings, he can’t stop thinking about both the fun-loving Lev and the wise-cracking Morgan.

When Lev makes a discovery about himself, will it be possible for him to make room in his new life for both Morgan and Aaron?

The Felidae 5: Navin’s Master

Navin Citrakaya is in trouble. Big trouble. Ever since his brother Rajiv fought in the last mate hunt, Navin’s life has been a living nightmare. The man that Rajiv fought is after Navin, and he won’t rest until he claims him. Navin needs a protector, fast.

Isha Rajendra isn’t interested in socializing with the other Tigris, until the day he receives a sweet offer. He’ll protect Navin, under one condition. If Navin wants to be safe, he’ll submit to Isha, completely.

Rowan’s Men

The holidays are approaching and Rowan’s feeling a little homesick. The Felidae don’t have anything remotely similar to Christmas, so she’s decided to go all out for Laithe and Fahd. Homemade presents, Christmas baking and a heck of a surprise are going to keep her men on their toes this year.

Firestorm Anthology

A collection of short Paranormal Erotic Adventures from the Changeling Press family of authors. Royalties donated to National Disaster Relief efforts.

*contains a Felidae short story.

Catan’s Fire —  Asad needs to teach his mate what happens to submissive Felidae who disobey orders. This is one lesson Catan will never forget!

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