1986  Pridelands

The Pridelands Collection

One book, six stories. The complete Pridelands series available in collection format.


The Pridelands are a spin-off series that involve multiple characters set in the Felidae universe. Here are the individual stories contained in the series.

The Pridelands 1: Darren’s Surprise

Darren Coleman has never been so frustrated. His baby brother has disappeared, he can’t concentrate on work, and at night he’s been tied up with the most erotic dreams he’s ever had.

When Aaron shows up again, bringing with him an unbelievable tale, Darren doesn’t know what to do. Especially when one of Aaron’s companions just happens to be the man he’s been dreaming about. Man? Make that catman.

Durai Steinsson has come to claim his mate. He won’t let anything get in his way. Not even Darren.

The Pridelands 2: Zula’s Stand

Zula Steinsson is one unhappy Leo. She’s stuck on some barbaric, backwater planet called Earth with no hope of escape. Her brothers had sent out a distress call once they realized they weren’t going anywhere, but in the meantime she has nothing to do but wait. To make matters worse, she’s surrounded by men who’ve found their mates and take great pleasure in flaunting that fact.

Mike Coleman is one confused human. He’s travelled up to his family’s cabin, expecting to keep Darren company while they wait for word on his cousin, Aaron, but he never expected the place to be overrun with… catmen? And one sexy catwoman he can’t keep his mind, or his hands, off.

Jai Asher is one determined Tigris. He has come with his sister, Rabi’a, to a distant planet in search of the lost Leo’s. They heard their distress call but Jai is the one distressed when he realizes he’s found two people that complete him. Only, one wants nothing to do with Tigris, and the other claims he’s only interested in women.

Can three individuals, thrust together by fate, find a way to connect?

The Pridelands 3: Sheer’s Choice

The youngest Steinsson is missing, and Durai’s pride has spread out into Muncho Lake Provincial Park in search of him. Just when the pride is more splintered than they have ever been, a group of new arrivals makes things a little more complicated…

Rabi’a Asher never wanted a mate of her own. She has a daughter, and a purpose among her people, and that’s just fine with her. Unfortunately, fate doesn’t agree. Placed in unfamiliar and dangerous territory, she is torn between two men who are both determined to have her and each other.

Only, Rabi’a isn’t going to sit down and let any man determine her future. She has claws of her own, and Tigris Sheer Ma’at and Leo Rais Steinsson are about to feel them.

Pridelands 4: Griffin’s Joy

Griffin and Mazin Bolen share everything. The twins joined Durai’s pride together, and ever since have been dedicated to the Leo’s that have become their family. They certainly never expected to meet hairless creatures so different from themselves, but when they’re stranded on Earth, that isn’t the only surprise they have in store for them.

Joy Coleman just wanted a little peace and quiet from her hectic life. When a frantic call from her brother Mike sends her running up to Northern B.C. Joy finds out peace and quiet aren’t exactly in her future. She’s instantly drawn into the search for Achan, the missing Leo, but it’s two very different catmen who really capture her attention.

Griffin and Mazin have finally found a woman who completes them both. All they have to do is seduce her. Easy, right? Not if Joy has her way.

Pridelands 5: Khalid’s Challenge

Their past haunts them, their future together remains tantalizingly out of reach…

Once upon a time, Khalid Steinsson and Pran Devan were deeply in love. They were planning their future, planning a commitment ceremony to each other. The unthinkable happened and the two were torn apart. Both men have changed. Pran carries his fiery anger as a shield against everything around him. Khalid carries his pain hidden underneath layers of icy cool restraint. It will take something monumental to either bring them back together, or tear them apart forever.

Pridelands 6: Achan’s Peace

Not all wounds are physical. Achan Steinsson knows that better than most. His first trip off planet had culminated in him being kidnapped and abused at the hands of humans. His family may have rescued him, but his constant nightmares won’t let him move forward.

Hunter Miles shares a very special bond with Achan. His brother was the one who kidnapped the young Leo, not surprising from a man who had mentally and physically abused Hunter from childhood. The Felidae took him away from that life, but he wants more than anything to be able to move on and express his love for Achan.

Tafa Morn came to Felid to visit his cousin after he was injured in battle on Seren, but he never expected to find two wounded souls that needed his particular brand of care. He plans to heal them, touch them and love them… and he doesn’t plan to let them go.

Can three very different men find love and healing in each other’s arms?