Stories by Sexual Content

One Man / One Woman

Penny Candy


Dreaming of Harmony

Taking Chances

Firestorm: Stockings


Asad’s Mate

Usama’s Journey

Navin’s Master

Firestorm: Catan’s Fire

Nut Cream

The Frog in the Room

Faun of a Time

Darren’s Surprise

Khalid’s Challenge

Achan’s Peace

Bull Rider

Broken Rules

The Handyman

The Storykeeper

Black Wolf

Gay for Cowboy

Broken Silence

Hedgehog’s Delight


Gay Menage a Trois

Lev’s Discovery

Tail of Two Brothers

Taste Test

As the Crow Flies

Bear with Me


Bear Out

Duck Fart


Menage a Trois – M/F/M

Griffin’s Joy

Aella’s Song

Menage a Trois – M/M/F

Laithe’s Pride

Rowan’s Men

Zula’s Stand

Sheer’s Choice

Bound to Please

Hard Candy

Menage a Trois – M/F/F

The Boardroom