Wolf Nuts

Nut Cream

Nut [nuht] noun, verb.
1. A dry fruit consisting of an edible kernel or meat enclosed in a woody or leathery shell.
2. Slang, Vulgar – a testis.

Cream [kreem] noun.
1. A soft solid or thick liquid containing medicaments or other specific ingredients, applied externally for a therapeutic, or cosmetic purpose.
2. Slang, Vulgar – to have an orgasm.

Toby Madison is coming into his mating phase, and is leaking pheromones all over the place. He is about to find out what happens to bad little wolves, in the best possible way. Cliff Bullen is more than ready to place his mark on the man he has always wanted as his mate – with a little help from a bottle of nut cream.


Busting a Nut (Wolf Nuts #2) – in progress

Mick Madison is drowning under family pressure and expectations when a breath of fresh air enters his life in the form of a sweet, sexy squirrel shifter determined to disrupt his life.

Ryo Mori has spent his life defending his sexuality to his conservative relatives. His big, burly mate’s refusal to be true to his dreams and sexual needs creates a challenge he’s not afraid to bust.

One gay werewolf’s wet dreams are about to come true…