Hedgehog’s Delight

Coming August 29th!

Wolf Creek 3: Hedgehog’s Delight

hedgehogdelightcropRick Black has been putting off the inevitable for weeks ever since he smelled his mate in a local coffee shop. He’s been waiting for the right moment, but everywhere he turns the little hedgehog shows up, and Rick is past ready to lay a claim on his prickly mate.

Ethan Abbott is on the run from an ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to catch a hint. So, when he’s informed he’s the mate of a big, bad werewolf with Alpha issues, he’s not sure he’s ready. He sure is looking forward to the adventure, though.



Rick was going to kill the kid if he didn’t stop shaking his ass like it was for sale.

One of Rick’s brothers started to move in. Rick growled subvocally and sensibly, Ben decided he had better things to do and made a beeline for the bar instead. Rick grinned. Yeah, he still had it sometimes. He returned his gaze to the kid on the dance floor. The little bastard moved like a porn star, hips moving to the beat and grinding against anyone who got too close. On a night like this, that was a whole hell of a lot of people.

Rick had had his eye on the little one for a few weeks now. He wasn’t sure why he was still waiting to approach the kid, but that right there might be a good enough reason. He was barely out of diapers compared to Rick. Legal sure, or he wouldn’t be in this place. Wolf Creek Bar and Grill had a reputation to uphold and there was no way in hell Rick was going to let some underage kid in to ruin things for his family.

But the kid was still young, even if he was over nineteen. Didn’t stop him from being just about the hottest thing Rick had ever seen. His lithe body was muscled enough to make things interesting, and his face could make angels weep. Or maybe it was just Rick. Regardless, the pink, pouty lips combined with a dark gaze was really working. Rick had never seen the kid without a hat, so he wasn’t sure about the hair color, but his eyebrows were a neutral brown, so that gave him a bit of a clue.

Right now his lean frame was clad in a pair of skintight jeans with a black tank and a cowboy hat to finish things off. His feet were encased in cowboy boots, which made Rick wonder where the kid was from. He looked a little too country to be from the Island originally, but then again, there weren’t too many people in this room that were originally from Vancouver Island anyway. Campbell River, British Columbia, seemed to draw in a mix of locals and outsiders, thanks to the various businesses that made their home here. Plus, they got a bunch of retirees the same as most of the other small communities along the edge of the Island.

“If you’re so caught up in him, why don’t you just make a move?”

His brother, Ben, had finally made his way over to Rick where he stood behind the bar.

Rick raised a brow and turned his attention to the wineglass he was polishing.

“Come on, Rick. Half the folks in here are terrified to approach the kid because you glare and threaten them, and the other half can’t tell that you’re a threat and are going to move in on the kid before you can make a move yourself. What’s the deal?”

“There’s no deal.”

“Do you know who he is?”

He let out a trickling growl, just enough to have the people around him backing up a few paces and Ben deciding once again that he needed to be somewhere else. Rick knew he should feel bad for making his brother run off like that, but he couldn’t find it in him. The alpha wolf inside him was just too wound up.

Yes, he knew exactly who the kid was. Well, he knew who the kid was to him. He didn’t know the little details like his name, age, occupation, or family status… But he could smell mate on the kid from the moment he’d first met him. In a Tim Horton’s of all places. His mother would about die at the lack of romance.


Broken Wings

Just a little teaser from my next published story in the Mixed Tape series at MLR Press. Broken Wings features Nathan from Broken Silence 🙂

Nathan didn’t know what to think when he saw Tim through the peephole. For a moment he debated not answering the door.

“I can see your shadow, Nate. Come on, I know you’re in there.”

Drat the man. Nathan huffed out a breath before smoothing a hand over his hair. He wasn’t even dressed right for this confrontation. It wasn’t fair. If he’d known his ex-boyfriend was going to show up today he would have put on something pretty. Or at least his power pumps. Nothing made a guy feel more confident than a pair of five inch platform pumps.


Ugh. Fine. He’d have to deal with this as is. All he had on was a pair of skinny jeans and his Dynasty sweater. Barefoot. No jewelry at all. Well, his sweater had a few sequins, but other than that it was just him. How plain. This wasn’t how he’d envisioned meeting his ex after a whole year apart.

Taking another breath, Nathan finally opened the door.

He looked up at the familiar face. They stared at each other for a moment, before he finally realized one of them was going to have to say something.


Tim inhaled audibly. His hands clenched at his sides before relaxing. “Hey, Nate. Good to see you,” hesaid.

It was a sin how good he looked. Tim had always been tall, and he easily stood a head above Nathan whenNathan wasn’t wearing his heels. But, it looked like he’d gotten in shape while he’d been in LA. That, and he was sporting a nice tan. Apparently California agreed with him more than Toronto did. And didn’t that just suck.

The familiar mop of black hair was ever-present, as were his kissable lips. Damn the man.

He hadn’t expected Tim to show up now. To be honest, he hadn’t expected Tim to show up ever again. Well, that wasn’t quite true. It wasn’t as if Tim had slept with his sister and killed his dog. He’d leftHollywood North to work in Hollywood. Nathan really should get over it by now.

“What are you doing here?”

“What? Can’t a guy come and visit his favorite man?”

Nathan crossed his arms. “Remember how you were supposed to come to Vegas in February? Yeah, how did that work out?”

“Nathan. Come on. Let me in. We need to talk.”

Nathan wasn’t going to let him do this again. He wasn’t sure if he could deal with this a second time. He’d been heartbroken when Tim had left. His friends had even called an emergency intervention when Nathan had shown up for movie night for the third time wearing sweats and an old hoodie that had belonged to Tim.

“Is your movie finished?” Nathan asked, not willing to give an inch.


Well, shit. He never could say no when Tim gave him that puppy dog face. With a sigh, Nathan opened the door wider and ushered Tim inside.



The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

hedgehogdelightcrop There’s this cool blog hop dubbed the Next Big Thing, in which an author answers ten questions about their book — either a work in progress or an upcoming release — and tags five other authors who talk about their own books the next week, link back to the author who tagged them and tag five new authors. And so it goes, unto the end of days, presumably. Pretty awesome, in the full and actual meaning of the word. Also in the more modern sense, because hey, new book discoveries, right? Who knows what might end up being the next Harry Potter-style hit? Thus the hop’s name. I was tagged by one of my besties who just happens to be one of my favorite authors, Miss Ally Blue, the Popess of Angst, who blogged about her wonderful novel, Hell’s End. So, now it’s my turn? Lets see what I can do!1: What is the working title of your book?

Hedgehog’s Delight. Well, technically, Wolf Creek 3: Hedgehog’s Delight.

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?

It came from the weird, wacky headspace that is my brain. How else can I explain a hedgehog shifter mating with a werewolf? No, actually, as most of my stories these days it was a dare. I had made a throwaway comment in Wolf Creek 2: Duck Fart after my human met a duck shifter about “what’s next? A hedgehog?” One of my crit partners read it and said “so, when’s the hedgehog getting his story?” They know me so well!

3: What genre does your book fall under?

Let’s call it paranormal romance

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I can never imagine characters for my books. I have the hardest time imagining it, and it doesn’t help that my hedgehog makes things difficult anyway with his hedghoggy hair and whatnot. Hmmm…. If I absolutely had to choose two actors, lets say that my werewolf bartender Rick could be played by a shaggy-haired Sean Bean. He’s tough, rugged and can pull off slightly menacing and loveable goofball at the same time. For the hedgehog shifter, Ethan, I’m going to pick Daniel Radcliffe. He’s short, cute and hopelessly endearing. I just want to pinch his cheeks, but he also has a serious, quiet side.

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Trouble abounds when an Alpha werewolf finds himself mated to a prickly little hedgehog with attitude.

6: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

This one will be self-published and I have the best cover for it from the wonderful PL Nunn!

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Well, I’m not technically finished yet! But, considering it is a shorter novella, it’s been less than a month if you count actual writing time.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Well, it’s definitely like the first two Wolf Creek books. Does that count? Lol!

9: Who or What inspired you to write this book?

My crit partners for sure, but also all the wonderful readers who have responded so positively to the first two Wolf Creek books. How could I not write another?

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Hedgehog. Shapeshifter. With real spines instead of hair. What else do I really have to say? Lol! Anyone who’s read me before knows that there will be humor and weirdness abounding inside this one. Plus, a few scenes of hot, sexy goodness.

And that’s my book! I’m having a blast writing it, and hope readers like it just as much as I do!


Pandamonium Cover!

I just got my cover for Pandamonium and I’m pretty excited! The cover artist was having a hard time finding just the right panda photo to go with the guy so I offered some of my own pictures from when I was in China at the Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu. So, my own photo is on my cover! How cool is that?!?


Nuka Kisoun has been looking forward to his holiday in China for months. Two weeks as the fourth wheel for his cousin, Theo, and Theo’s two mates, may not sound like an adventure, but he’s game for anything. Only, his relaxing vacation turns into pandemonium when Nuka discovers their sweet, little tour guide is his mate. It’s every man for himself when panda shifter Jackie Yu meets a big, bad polar bear who plays for keeps.

Coming in late November from Changeling Press!


The latest from Jade…

I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I updated, so I figured I’d throw some misc. info together!!

1. I spent last week in Albuquerque for the GayRomLit Retreat and I’m still recovering. What an amazing conference!! Kudos to the organizers for putting on such a wonderful event, and big hugs to everyone that I talked to while I was there. It felt more like a homecoming than a conference, and everyone was just so nice. And it made me energized to write more, which is always a good thing! Next year it will be in Atlanta, and I’m already planning on being there!

2. I have a few upcoming releases but the darn release dates keep changing on me so I haven’t quite been able to update them on the website yet. It looks like Hedgehog’s Delight (book 3 in the Wolf Creek series) will be released next, but it’s been bumped back to November. Pandamonium (book 4 in the Northern Bears series) should be released after that from Changeling Press, and I’m still trying to get a more firm date for you guys, but it’ll be some time in the November/early December time frame. After that I have Broken Boughs (book 2.5 in the Broken Trilogy), which is estimated for some time in December as part of the MLR Press Christmas stories. As soon as I have something more concrete, I’ll post about it!

3. Octoberfest at Changeling — Win free books for a month! How can you enter? Buy any new release at www.changelingpress.com and use the discount code Octoberfest2012 — save 10% off your order, and you’re automatically entered to win. Winners will receive five free books — one a week for the month of November.


New Contracts

A bit of good news for anyone who likes the Northern Bears trilogy at Changeling Press! Pandamonium will be released in November, 2012, and will be an offshoot of the pizzly madness that occured in Bear with Me, Unbearable and Bear Out. If you can’t guess, LOL, the hero of this is a panda shapeshifter and his mate is Theo’s cousin, which would make him a polar shifter 🙂 Our three lovely boys from the Northern Bears will show up as well, so be prepared for some hilarity to ensue!

I’ll also have Broken Boughs, a short story in the Broken Trilogy universe, out in December from MLR Press (book #2, Broken Silence, will be released in August). Broken Boughs revisits Neil and Jonah for a very special christmas, and will also set up some of the things that you’ll see in Broken Distance, book 3 of the Broken Trilogy that will feature Neil’s baby brother, David 🙂

For anyone anxiously awaiting the next Wolf Creek tale, don’t worry! I still plan to release Hedgehog’s Delight this fall as well. Geez, I’m going to be busy! I love it.


Calgary Stampede

I was off to the Calgary Stampede yesterday and had a blast, as usual. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, the Stampede is an event that is all about western heritage and values and it’s been dubbed the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Ten days of rodeo, agricultural events, carnival rides, music, food, entertainment and arts. I’m sure I’m missing something… Anyway, this year is the celebration of 100 years of the Calgary Stampede so it’s quite the show!

I had quite the exhausting day, but I got my fill of corndogs, country music, cows and chuckwagons! Add to that the tractor pulls, heavy horses, military (in cowboy hats), cops (in cowboy hats), and firemen (in cowboy hats…) and I definitely left a happy camper. I also got to enjoy a brilliant fireworks display. They’ve set off five sets of fireworks in different locations in the city to celebrate and it was pretty spectacular. The night ended with a really awesome show headlined by Paul Brandt! I’m a country girl and I love the local talent 🙂 Here’s a little peak of him, singing about the wonderful place I live!


Until next time, I recommend everyone ogle a cowboy! And speaking of cowboys, I’m anticipating a late July release of Gay for Cowboy, which just happens to feature the fabulous Calgary Stampede 🙂


MANtastic Fiction Spotlight

Hey all! I’ve been spotlighted this week by MANtastic Fiction as part of their lead-up to the GayRomLit retreat in October (which I’ll be attending). If anyone wants to learn more about how I come up with character names, as well as enter to win a chance for winner’s choice of an ebook from my backlist, check it out…


The contest will be open until Friday, July 6th at 11:59 pm (PST)



New Collections Coming!

Changeling Press will be releasing The Felidae and Pridelands series in collection format in early 2013. The Felidae has an expected release date of January, 2013 and Pridelands will be released in April, 2013.

What does that mean for you guys? If you haven’t bought all of the books individually, you might want to do it before January, because they’ll only be available in collection format after that. If you don’t have any of them, and have been considering reading them, you may want to wait until January to get them all at once!


Moving On!

I just finished Broken Silence and it has been turned in to my editor!! Woot! I’m so happy about that 🙂 Now, I’m trying to determine what to move on to. I was going to start work immediately on Mick’s story, but I had something very interesting (and fun) drop in my lap so I might do that instead. As soon as I figure out what I’m going to write next, I’ll announce it 🙂 Stay tuned! In the meantime, Broken Silence is finished! Yay!