One Cent Title!

Pridelands 1: Darren’s Surprise is available at Changeling Press for $0.01!! Get it while it’s hot!! One cent? How can you go wrong with that? LOL!

The Pridelands 1: Darren’s Surprise

Durai Steinsson has come to claim his mate. He won’t let anything get in his way. Not even Darren.


New Collections Coming!

Changeling Press will be releasing The Felidae and Pridelands series in collection format in early 2013. The Felidae has an expected release date of January, 2013 and Pridelands will be released in April, 2013.

What does that mean for you guys? If you haven’t bought all of the books individually, you might want to do it before January, because they’ll only be available in collection format after that. If you don’t have any of them, and have been considering reading them, you may want to wait until January to get them all at once!