The latest from Jade…

I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I updated, so I figured I’d throw some misc. info together!!

1. I spent last week in Albuquerque for the GayRomLit Retreat and I’m still recovering. What an amazing conference!! Kudos to the organizers for putting on such a wonderful event, and big hugs to everyone that I talked to while I was there. It felt more like a homecoming than a conference, and everyone was just so nice. And it made me energized to write more, which is always a good thing! Next year it will be in Atlanta, and I’m already planning on being there!

2. I have a few upcoming releases but the darn release dates keep changing on me so I haven’t quite been able to update them on the website yet. It looks like Hedgehog’s Delight (book 3 in the Wolf Creek series) will be released next, but it’s been bumped back to November. Pandamonium (book 4 in the Northern Bears series) should be released after that from Changeling Press, and I’m still trying to get a more firm date for you guys, but it’ll be some time in the November/early December time frame. After that I have Broken Boughs (book 2.5 in the Broken Trilogy), which is estimated for some time in December as part of the MLR Press Christmas stories. As soon as I have something more concrete, I’ll post about it!

3. Octoberfest at Changeling — Win free books for a month! How can you enter? Buy any new release at and use the discount code Octoberfest2012 — save 10% off your order, and you’re automatically entered to win. Winners will receive five free books — one a week for the month of November.