Gay for Cowboy

Gay for Cowboy is now available! This originally appeared in a series of free fics on Fiction with Friction, called Rodeo Queen. I’ve cleaned them up and added twice the content 🙂 I also got a fabulous cover from Steena Holmes! Gay for Cowboy is part of the Stampede Sizzlers series all connected by hot cowboys and hot lovin’. If you want to know more about the other books, check out

Gay for Cowboy

Peter has only been in Calgary for a single month and he’s desperate to make some new friends. A trip to the gay rodeo opens his mind and introduces him to out and proud – not to mention burly and bondage-loving – Mitch. He’s never been with anyone like Mitch, but he’s enthralled by the huggable bear, and the attraction is certainly mutual. Can a playful drag queen find love when he goes gay for cowboy?

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New Contracts

A bit of good news for anyone who likes the Northern Bears trilogy at Changeling Press! Pandamonium will be released in November, 2012, and will be an offshoot of the pizzly madness that occured in Bear with Me, Unbearable and Bear Out. If you can’t guess, LOL, the hero of this is a panda shapeshifter and his mate is Theo’s cousin, which would make him a polar shifter 🙂 Our three lovely boys from the Northern Bears will show up as well, so be prepared for some hilarity to ensue!

I’ll also have Broken Boughs, a short story in the Broken Trilogy universe, out in December from MLR Press (book #2, Broken Silence, will be released in August). Broken Boughs revisits Neil and Jonah for a very special christmas, and will also set up some of the things that you’ll see in Broken Distance, book 3 of the Broken Trilogy that will feature Neil’s baby brother, David 🙂

For anyone anxiously awaiting the next Wolf Creek tale, don’t worry! I still plan to release Hedgehog’s Delight this fall as well. Geez, I’m going to be busy! I love it.


Calgary Stampede

I was off to the Calgary Stampede yesterday and had a blast, as usual. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, the Stampede is an event that is all about western heritage and values and it’s been dubbed the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Ten days of rodeo, agricultural events, carnival rides, music, food, entertainment and arts. I’m sure I’m missing something… Anyway, this year is the celebration of 100 years of the Calgary Stampede so it’s quite the show!

I had quite the exhausting day, but I got my fill of corndogs, country music, cows and chuckwagons! Add to that the tractor pulls, heavy horses, military (in cowboy hats), cops (in cowboy hats), and firemen (in cowboy hats…) and I definitely left a happy camper. I also got to enjoy a brilliant fireworks display. They’ve set off five sets of fireworks in different locations in the city to celebrate and it was pretty spectacular. The night ended with a really awesome show headlined by Paul Brandt! I’m a country girl and I love the local talent 🙂 Here’s a little peak of him, singing about the wonderful place I live!


Until next time, I recommend everyone ogle a cowboy! And speaking of cowboys, I’m anticipating a late July release of Gay for Cowboy, which just happens to feature the fabulous Calgary Stampede 🙂


MANtastic Fiction Spotlight

Hey all! I’ve been spotlighted this week by MANtastic Fiction as part of their lead-up to the GayRomLit retreat in October (which I’ll be attending). If anyone wants to learn more about how I come up with character names, as well as enter to win a chance for winner’s choice of an ebook from my backlist, check it out…

The contest will be open until Friday, July 6th at 11:59 pm (PST)



New Collections Coming!

Changeling Press will be releasing The Felidae and Pridelands series in collection format in early 2013. The Felidae has an expected release date of January, 2013 and Pridelands will be released in April, 2013.

What does that mean for you guys? If you haven’t bought all of the books individually, you might want to do it before January, because they’ll only be available in collection format after that. If you don’t have any of them, and have been considering reading them, you may want to wait until January to get them all at once!


What’s in a Name?

So, it’s not like I just noticed this or anything, but now that I’m finished Broken Silence and starting to plot my next big project, I’m thinking about it now. Over the years I’ve written three books that featured secondary characters that I am now writing stories for. Broken Rules featured Rich Matheson, Nut Cream featured Mick Madison and Black Wolf featured Rick Black (thank God it’s not close to Matheson or Madison or that would just be ridiculous!). Anyway, Rich’s story is now finished and going into edits, so I’m working on plotting for Mick and Rick’s stories. Not quite so easy when I keep mixing them up! Oops.

Anyway, I’m learning from my whoopsie moment and putting together a database with all the names of my characters, including secondary characters. I’d rather not confuse myself like this again LOL! Plus, I’m almost positive I’ve written about two Mitch’s…


Moving On!

I just finished Broken Silence and it has been turned in to my editor!! Woot! I’m so happy about that 🙂 Now, I’m trying to determine what to move on to. I was going to start work immediately on Mick’s story, but I had something very interesting (and fun) drop in my lap so I might do that instead. As soon as I figure out what I’m going to write next, I’ll announce it 🙂 Stay tuned! In the meantime, Broken Silence is finished! Yay!


China Adventure!

I’m back! And I’ve got pictures!

Had a fabulous time, met some wonderful people, and came home with a lot of stories and story ideas! Overall, I loved China, loved the food, loved the pandas, and loved the places I was lucky enough to visit. Great trip 🙂

One thing I didn’t love? Ox Penis. Here’s the “before” shot… the “after” shot consisted of me gagging as I swallowed it. Yep, I swallowed!