What’s in a Name?

So, it’s not like I just noticed this or anything, but now that I’m finished Broken Silence and starting to plot my next big project, I’m thinking about it now. Over the years I’ve written three books that featured secondary characters that I am now writing stories for. Broken Rules featured Rich Matheson, Nut Cream featured Mick Madison and Black Wolf featured Rick Black (thank God it’s not close to Matheson or Madison or that would just be ridiculous!). Anyway, Rich’s story is now finished and going into edits, so I’m working on plotting for Mick and Rick’s stories. Not quite so easy when I keep mixing them up! Oops.

Anyway, I’m learning from my whoopsie moment and putting together a database with all the names of my characters, including secondary characters. I’d rather not confuse myself like this again LOL! Plus, I’m almost positive I’ve written about two Mitch’s…