Vegas and an Excerpt

I spent the week in Las Vegas and picked up a nasty cold, but other than that I had a blast! Learned a few things too…

1. Next time I’m bringing good walking shoes. I think it’s hilarious that every pair of shoes I brought with me gave me blisters except the $2 pair of flip flops, but next time I’m packing running shoes.

2. The shows are awesome! I wanted to get to more but I did mange to see Zumanity, Ka and Carrot Top. Wasn’t sure about the last but the show I originally booked got cancelled at the last minute so everything else was sold out. Lucky for me, actually, because he was hilarious. I recommend all three shows if you haven’t seen them. Entertaining in their own ways.

3. I’m not a big gambler, and I never win, but I eventually had fun playing at all the casinos. I just don’t see the point in blowing money when I could be buying something lol! On that note, though, everyone else in my group won, so maybe it’s just me…

4. The outlets are awesome but exhausting! Those running shoes would have come in handy.

5. I’m in awe of Hoover Dam. I couldn’t do the full tour because the elevators were broken that day, but they showed us slides of the building process and I’m in complete awe of how a group of people made that at the time it was made. Outstanding. And pretty impressive when you’re standing on top of it.

6. I came up with a great scene for my current WIP, Broken Silence (Book 2 of the Broken Trilogy), based on my Vegas adventures so I’m pretty excited about that! To celebrate, I have a teeny excerpt to share. This is between Rich and one of his lovely friends.

Broken Silence Unedited Excerpt

Dooby picked up a heaping handful of nachos and stuffed them in his mouth. “wannn hee my dew seery?”

“Don’t talk with your mouth open.”

His friend swallowed before looking up with a grin. “You wanna hear my new theory?”

“About what?”

Dooby inched forward, placing his elbows on the table. He looked around before focusing on Rich. “I think chicks and dudes are like locks and keys.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Think about it. A key that opens a thousand locks? That’s an awesome key. But, if you have a lock that can be opened by a thousand keys? That’s a shitty lock.”

Rich snorted. “Don’t let my sister hear you say that.”

“Why? She have a lock I ca-“

“She’s my sister, douchebag.”


“So, she’s off limits. End of story.”