New Release: Duck Fart

Wolf Creek 2: Duck Fart is now available at Amazon!! This is the last of my re-releases so it feels pretty good to have it available again 🙂

Duck Fart will be exclusive to Amazon for 90 days, and will then be uploaded at other retailers.

Keith Malone is incredibly content. He loves coming around Wolf Creek… great food, great company, and a decent place to rest his soul when he needs it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that his cousins let him dust off his carpenter skills with the odd job here and there.

Bailey Mitchell is incredibly nervous. He’s come all this way to Campbell River, following up on a chance encounter that happened months earlier, and now he doesn’t know what to do. One glance and it’s obvious Adam’s already taken. What’s a lonely Siamese shifter to do?

Drake McKale is incredibly grouchy. He’s sick and tired of every shifter he’s run across making fun of him. Hey, duck’s have feelings too! So what if he’s smaller than everyone else? Spoiling for a fight he can actually win, he decides to pick on the shy, little kitty in the corner. Only, Drake never reckoned the diminutive cat would proposition him. Or that the big human in the corner would want in on the action.

One part burly human, one part shy Siamese shifter and one part twinky (and kinky) duck shifter… layer together and enjoy!

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Another new cover!

PL Nunn has graciously made up the new cover for Duck Fart, which used to be part of the Del Fantasma series and will be re-published by yours truly in 2012 in a newly revised and expanded version. I love this cover. Love it! As soon as I have an idea of the new release dates, I’ll announce it here 🙂