Exploring my Day Job: The story behind Horsfall

A number of years ago I wrote a story about the background of one of my books, and I thought it would be fun to dust it off and use it as the first in a “the story behind…” series here on my website. Hope you guys like the glimpse at how my mind works LOL!

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if there were supernatural explanations behind the very ordinary things that happen in our day-to-day lives?

The majority of the books I’ve written have been complete fantasies, drummed up out of some quirky — or kinky — corner of my mind. Horsfall is a bit different, in that it’s not as much of a fantasy world for me. I’m not saying I’ve ever found an abused Shire horse that shapeshifted into a burly, dominant and sexy man (although I keep my fingers crossed that it’ll still happen one of these days) but the rest of Horsfall is actually a lot closer to my life than alien catmen, bloodletting vampires, shy and curious fauns, or shapeshifting frogs.

I’ve often brainstormed stories while I’ve been waiting in line somewhere or stuck on the bus. Laithe’s Pride was originated after a nasty trip to the dentist, and the basics of All Wrapped Up: Bound to Please occurred while I was at my bus stop staring at the broken down playground across the street.

When I’m not exploring life on other planets, dreaming of a faun with a smooth plumber’s crack where his fur ends or wondering whether a frog shapeshifter would need to use lube, I’m a Safety Management Consultant working for clients in a variety of industries in Western Canada. Yes, I know, my life is fascinating.

So what does this all have to do with sexy horse shapeshifters and the delectable man caught between them, you ask? Continue reading