Street teams

I’ve been hearing about street teams over the past few weeks so I wanted to do an experiment. A street team is pretty much a group of people who ‘hit the streets’ promoting an event or a product. I know several authors have done something like this, where they have a team of people who provide word of mouth promotion to books and in exchange they get goodies and freebies from the author, like books, tote bags, tee shirts, etc.

Like so: Lisa Sanchez, Karin Tabke, CJ Lyons, etc.

Thoughts? Feelings? Does this work? Is it something readers are interested in participating in?

I’m thinking of testing the waters with it, so…

Until December 31st: 

FIRST, read and post a review of any of my books available at Amazon.

THEN send me the link to your review (to with the subject line “Amazon Review”) and you can request a free ebook in exchange (since we’re keeping this to Amazon for now, your free ebook will be gifted to you through kindle, which you can read on a variety of devices through the many kindle apps).

Read, Review, Request, Repeat!!

I started out as a reviewer, and I loves me some free books, so this seems to come full circle for me!