I have another story without a home. The Sirens Song anthology is no longer available, so I’m going to be thinking about what to do with my story, Aella. I might just republish it as is, or think about updating/expanding it. Whatever I decide, I’ll have an update soonish. Of course, I’m working on Black Wolf first, and I’ve made good progress on Broken Silence. But, Aella is going to be added to the list of projects I have at the moment.


Aella by Jade Buchanan
Aella is searching for strength. When the seals under her care start to die, Aella needs all the help she can get. She asks two mermen, Damon and Pythias, for their assistance but they have secrets about themselves they aren’t willing to share, and their help could come at a very high price. Can Aella trust Damon and Pythias?  Or will misplaced trust leave her under their spell, and in their control?