Cover Art – Anne Cain

I had such fun looking at cover art the other day that I thought I’d do it again! And, once again, I’m looking first to my critique partners and the wonderful covers they’ve received. When I asked them what their favourite covers are, I received a whole lot of responses, and a number of them about one artist in particular: the talented Anne Cain. I’ve long known she’s a cover art goddess, so I’m happy to share a few examples!

First up is Bound to Please by Kimberly Gardner. I had the pleasure of being able to read this while Kimber was writing it and I have to say it’s both a fabulous book and a rocking cover. I mean, seriously, the way the rope connects all three characters in such a sensuous way is stunning. The facial expressions perfectly nail down the conflicts and personalities of each, and I’m in love with their hair (and those rocking bodies!!).

I’d like to sum it all up with a very heartfelt “yum…”

Ā Next on my Anne Cain lovefest is My Fair Captain by JL Langley. Hello sexy! Check out that chest, that jawline, the perfectly tied cravat on the cutie in the background šŸ˜‰ Sexy Hairy ChestĀ Man (aka Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins) is just perfect *insert swoon* both on the cover and inside the book.

I adore JL Langley, and I love the way her mind works. Both My Fair Captain and The Englor Affair (which Anne CainĀ did the cover for, as well) are definite re-reads in my house. I can’t recommend them enough and I’m so glad they got such kick-butt covers.

Finally, to wrap up today, I wanted to drool over Sursein Judgment by Jet Mykles. I think after all the fabulous covers Jet’s gotten, it’s quite fair to say she’s been blessed by the cover art gods. Sursein Judgment is such a fantastic book, and I love love love this cover. The purple, the hair, the sexy look, the beast in the backgroundĀ *faints*. Where was I? I want to wallpaper my bedroom with this cover. And now I want to go back and re-read it again…

Ā The good news is that I can look at these covers whenever I want… the even better news is that I realized there are so many wonderful covers that I love thatĀ I’m going toĀ feature more of them on here.


Cover Art

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of PL Nunn. She designed my lovely, fabulous header afterall, and I now have three gorgeous covers from her (Storykeeper, Black Wolf and Duck Fart). Since I was so excited to unveil my covers the other day I figured I’d take a moment to share my favourite PL Nunn covers from other books that I’ve enjoyed.

Starting, naturally, with the book that started it all… Heaven by Jet Mykles. I adore this book. I adore Jet, of course, and she’s one of the best critique partners anyone can ever have (hands off, she’s mine! LOL) but this book and this cover are just divine. Seriously, how can you not love this? That hair, that back, that bum… *bites*

I could go on and on about my love of all the Heaven Sent covers, but then this would turn into a post about Heaven Sent and it’s supposed to be about other covers too LOL!

So, I’ll simply say that I love them all and move on… to another one of my critique partners, Willa Okati. Specifically, The Brotherhood 10: The Salt of the Earth by Willa Okati. I fell in love with the Brotherhood books way before I started writing, but this cover just killed me when it came out. It’s so sweet, so meltingly sweet, that I love it to death. And it has nothing (well, almost nothing) to do with them both being gloriously nekkid. It’s the pose andĀ the way they’re so wrapped up in each other that nothing else matters. *swoons*

Last but certainly not least, is another favourite by Jet Mykles. Yes, I’m putting her in twice. Because that’s just the way I roll. There were many more covers to choose from, including the cover for Drawn Together by ZA Maxfield and the multiple covers for the Blue Ruin series by Katrina Strauss, but Snagged by Jet Mykles was one of the first gay romance books I read and it captured my attention. When she reissued it with this cover it completely blew my mind. It fits the characters so freaking well it’s insane. Love it.

For more artwork by the talented and fantastic PL Nunn, check out her website: