New Releases

The newest releases are a bunch of re-releases!

DreamingOfHarmonyDreaming of Harmony

Emma has been procrastinating on her love life for months. She can’t find a way to admit her feelings to her friend, Harmony. Lucky for her, fate is about to step in.

*This short story was previously published. It has been revised from the original version*

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sabol-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)Broken Rules

It’s not easy starting over. Ten years ago, Jonah Chevalier learned this the hard way when he was kicked out of his home for being gay. Now, he’s starting over in a different way as his mother’s death has brought him back home. A reconnection with his childhood best friend, Neil, has the potential to lead to more. But, they live on opposite sides of the country and Jonah knows the first rule of long-distance relationships is not to start a relationship in the first place. It will be up to Neil to convince Jonah that some rules are made to be broken.

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sabol-72dpi-1500x2000 (2)The Frog in the Room

Thomas Adler is a stickler for neatness. When his ordered life goes completely to the frogs, what’s a man to do? Grab hold of the closest frog shifter and hang on for dear life, of course!

*This short story was previously published in a multi-author anthology*

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