Cyber Monday Sale!

All Romance Ebooks is having a Cyber Monday sale right now with a 50% rebate on your order. The good news is that most of my books are available at ARE:

The even better news is that Hard Candy and Storykeeper already have a 50% discount so you’re getting the rebate back on the discounted price… that’s 75% off!! What are you waiting for?


Hard Candy:


New Cover

I’m pretty excited about my latest cover! This is for Black Wolf, which used to be part of the Del Fantasma series. I’m in the process of revising and expanding the story, and its sequel Duck Fart, and will have more to share over the next few months. In the meantime, I have this beauty as inspiration! Thanks to PL Nunn who pretty much took the image of my boys out of my brain and transferred them to paper!


New Site!

Welcome to my new website! Yes, it looks very similar to the old one, but I’ve finally got my books organized the way I wanted and I should have all the free reads linked now. Come in and visit and be sure to let me know what you think!


Archived News!

April, 2011 – Broken Rules is available now!

March, 2011 – Working on Unbearable and trying to contain my laughter just in case people think I’m a crazy person 😉

February, 2011 – Good news! Rookery Cove: Faun of a Time is up at Changeling Press for $0.99. Can’t go wrong with that! I’m currently working on a few ideas that I’m hoping will turn into stories. I know the sequel to Bear with Me will be released later this year (I’m hoping for May), but I’m not sure about dates for anything else so stay tuned for more news! Continue reading